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NOTE: This is an advanced course. You must have completed the Basic Releasing Course to attend.

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“The Power of Manifesting Your Goals–Jump Start” is not currently scheduled. Please check back soon!

The Power of Manifesting Your Goals
— Jump Start

Create a powerful set of new goals as you blast through any lingering limited beliefs. Discover your path to “Havingness”, sweeping away all roadblocks as you go.  You’ll find yourself letting go of your self-imposed ideas of limitation and tasting the true sweetness of Freedom in each precious moment.  The present moment; within that perfectly silent gap, is your opening, your opportunity, for manifesting anything you might truly desire.

  • On this Course:
    You’ll discover your own unique path to “Havingness”.  Using powerful exercises and tools, you’ll have the momentum to propel yourself straight through to success and freedom allowing all the blocks to simply drop away.
  • Design your own course by deciding if you’d like:
    • A money goal.  How much would you like?
    • Perhaps a whole new career?  Is it time for a change?
    • What about your health?  Feel and look your very best!
    • How are your relationships?  Loving, healthy ones can really free you to soar!

Whatever your heart’s desire, learn the secret to manifesting, and set yourself sailing into a fresh, prosperous, and happier re-invented new life!



This course changed my life. I could write pages of gains, truly. From the start I was able to identify my goal with Diane’s help. It was more than identifying it though; it so hit home that I felt an embodiment of it. I finally heard and experienced that the power is in the fruit of the release and to notice and embrace those moments and I am noticing that I am having more moments of feeling happier, hopeful and more alive. Diane’s clarity, presence and loving commitment to us provided a very safe container for some deep feelings to come up, which was incredibly authentic and freeing. The tools provided really worked! The six steps came alive for me and I developed an intimate connection with releasing, which deepened my use and understanding of it. Regarding my goal, I am noticing that I am finding a passion for my work that has been so dormant for quite some time. I even discovered in the past week that I had money in a retirement account from a previous employer that I had no idea I had. It’s a modest but substantial amount that will ease my financial pressures up in a wonderful way. I highly recommend this course! I am deeply grateful Diane. This course and your guidance has made a difference, provided me with effective direction and moved me upward and onward. It was just what I needed. Thank you with all my heart. — Irene

Greater awareness though the exercises. Because of looking for and seeing what comes up I am more in observation and not inside or swallowed up by the story feeling or want. Was able to move my attention to the abundant limitlessness of self and everything slipped away.  All the former resistance, all the wants gone – only the presence and expanded awareness. Feeling and seeing the reality of goals realized moving from this now to the now of the fulfillment and fully experiencing the happiness without a taint of sorrow. Wonderful. Seeing clearly in presence that there is no disturbance regarding anyone or anything. It is only my ego mind that gets its nickers in a twist – wants-feels and then creates stories about it all. Really enjoying this experience, especially the happiness without a taint of sorrow. So fun to just move to the fulfillment and the joy of it all. Why wait? It’s all now anyway. — Kathleen

In the past I have experienced quieting the mind. This experience was wonderful. I felt happiness and joy. I found myself asking the question though, who is asking questions? I did not understand because I was still in ego. This time was very different. This time the mind was quiet and also the ego. So, this time I slipped into Isness or Beingness. It is who we are. I felt the mind trying to come in. This felt like duality, I am here and you are over there. I just kept sending it love. This allowed me to Be for more than a moment. I was very aware that I was everything. There is no word that could ever describe who we are. It is even beyond love. I could see that even love was a feeling. Nothing else matters. There is no thing. It’s like helping the rest of ourselves home. There is no you or I. Only Isness, Beingness. Again, there are no words or feelings that could ever describe who we are. The only way is to show us the way. Like Buddha said “I am only the finger pointing to the moon.” Thank you, Diane. Thank you for being the finger pointing to the moon. I got it. I continue to Love and release, Love,  — Ann

Diane is a beautiful, loving and brilliant teacher. I wish everyone could have the wonderful benefits of releasing.  — Lisa